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“Alan McCrary, worked for our company Radiology Imaging Associates in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area as an Information Technology Director. He was instrumental in the maintenance of local and wide area networks between hospitals, outpatient sites and our business office. The level of expertise Alan brought to our group was essential to building a secure, stable solution for our networking needs. Alan also was an important member of the development team involved in the selection and initial implementation of a wide area network picture archiving and communications system (PACS). He provided the necessary modernization of equipment for our business office as well as provided data for marketing purposes. His troubleshooting was extremely helpful in diagnosing network problems, and he made recommendations on new equipment purchases when appropriate. Alan is an extremely hard working individual, and it was not unusual to see him stringing cable or exchanging routers or updating servers in the middle of the night. He would be very helpful to any company desiring network services, especially those in the healthcare sector.”
~ Dr. Michael Otte, Radiology Imaging Associates

“I would highly recommend Alan to any organization that wants or needs a boost in productivity. He'll bring a great deal of energy and efficiency to any organization, while giving 100% to the team. He takes a no nonsense approach to getting things done on time, on budget and right the first time..”
~ Jeff VanOrnum, Manager, Application Development and Support, ICG Communications

“Alan's focus, energy, and strong leadership skills were all clearly evident during our days together at Janus. He and his team could always be counted on to successfully execute even the most complex projects. Probably the best example is his supervision of the move of a large, sophisticated data center supporting our global operations. It had to be done over a weekend and it went off without a hitch!”
~ Tim Hudner, SVP Operations and Technology, Janus Capital Group

“Alan's focus on improvement, attention to detail, and customer-first attitude turned our department completely around. During which time he built a strong team and empowered them to get the job done. Alan's focus on the goal and aggressive time management are key to getting critical projects completed on-time. He's an outstanding leader and an asset to any IT team.”
~ Eric Brander, Manager, Jones Interactive, Inc.

“Alan is well organized and plans effectively. He is a good manager and treats his people with respect. Alan Does a good job of balancing support for the current environments with forward planning for the architectures of tomorrow.”
~ Steve Kruse, VP Product development, Jones Cyber Solutions


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